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Hand-balancer Circus artist  

A little introduction to my work?

Circus performer specialized in handstand, I have been travelling for a few years now, here and there, jumping between several productions, from gala events, to circus show and festivals all over the world.

I also give personal or group handstand workshops.



Artistic Demo by Margo Darbois and Double Take - Cinematic Circus 

Current projects-2022-2023

Latest handstand act

Playing around with it for few years now in several productions such as:








Picture by Michael Grosler.

Tour with "The whale street"

A street show by:



Date for 2022 coming soon!

!!! New Project !!!


" Les Mantis "


With Cecilia Manfrini


Dance with and around knives...

Video coming soon!!


Tour with "The whale street"


A street show by:



Date for 2023 coming soon!

!!! New Project !!!"Les Mantis "With Cecilia Manfrini 

Watch the trailer:

I received my circus training in the National Circus School of Chatellerault, in France. With my teacher, Fabrice Berthet, I had the opportunity to study handstand. In my school I also got to learn about acting, dancing, and off course, a few other circus disciplines.

Since then, I've traveled a lot and evolved on stage experimenting with  many other disciplines such as:

Singing, playing music, performing on a rope and on a silk, being part of a teeterboard group, throwing knives,...

I'm always happy to challenge myself and meet new teams, in new places!